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The only copy on Amazon

The Indonesian National Museum is one of the oldest museums in Asia, and for anyone interested in the cultural and national heritage of Indonesia it is the one place not to be missed. For those unable to visit Indonesia, Icons of Art brings this heritage to them in an exquisite and detailed volume. The museum’s collections span an immense range in time and space, covering millions of years of natural and human history and thousands of islands scattered between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Icons of Art is an exploration of the National Museum’s collections, including many never-before exhibited treasures, on the occasion of a major expansion of the museum. Published in Jakarta in 2006, this is a very high quality production with hundreds of glorious colour photography of exhibits.

I found this book, a new copy, in a shop in Swindon two years ago. It was so lovely I really wanted it for my stock list because I knew someone somewhere would really want it. I had the only copy for sale on Amazon (in the UK) and I have just sold it to a customer in Switzerland. There are still two copies on eBay, for £106 and £113 (from America) and on Abe several copies ranging from £75 to £280. I was able to list my copy for £50/€68 and still make a reasonable profit from the sale. It’s all part of my mission, described in an earlier blog, as being a foster parent for orphaned books before moving them on to good homes. My guess is that my Swiss customer will be absolutely delighted with her purchase.

Written by Derek Brandon



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